Friday, 9 October 2015


My first ever trade in Malaysian market (Bursa Malaysia) was a success. It was sort of a trial actually, to get the taste of what trading really is. My friend consulted me on the actions i need to take.

As for my first investment, i bought 120 lots of Systech stock at RM0.23 and managed to sell it at RM0.235. It was not a big number to be honest but fairly reasonable for a first trade.

I am lucky to befriended those who are inclined towards politics, economy and all of the scary stuffs. They taught me a lot.

How to start investing:
1. Have interest. Search for investment classes.
2. Open a CDS account - I chose Malacca Securities. Only your IC and bank statement are required.
3. Pump in your money - preferably above RM5k to minimize the transaction cost.
4. If you open at Malacca Securities, download M+ online app - easier on the go.
5. Continue to learn from the more experienced.
6. Download KLSE Screener app - for easier transaction calculation

Things to learn as a start:
1. Market opens from 9am to 5pm (GMT +8), on a break from 12pm to 2.30pm.
2. Familiarize yourself with the tools - e.g., Bursa Marketplace website.
3. Leverage on technical analysis - learn to make sense of the graphs.
4. Search for Shariah compliant counters only - for muslims.

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